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By no means am I a chemical expert, so I was grateful for the advice and solutions Terry has provided for us. If it wasn’t for the dilution machine Compliant Cleaning Services supplied I wouldn’t have known the correct usage amounts and dilution rates.

Worse still, staff were guessing the amount of chemical to use and weren’t taking the time to read the fine print. Now they are more confident and competent in using the chemicals.

Best of all the on-wall dispenser makes it easy, less confusing and it is extremely cost effective to the business overall. Prior to having the on-wall dispenser staff were guessing the dilution rates and we found we were going through double the amount of chemicals we are now.
Compliant Cleaning Supplies are experts in finding solutions and are quite clearly customer focused.

Summing up they are extremely easy to work with, nothing is too much trouble. Orders are received in a timely manner and always correct, and I can’t ask for more than that.