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We have been operating our cleaning business in south east Queensland for more than 16 years and would not have grown in to the successful business we are today without Matthew King.

We are constantly impressed by the added value they bring to our business. We have worked closely with 3 other cleaning supply companies in Brisbane and Compliant Cleaning Supplies customer service is outstanding in comparison.

They facilitate initiatives that educate and aid us in providing a higher quality, healthier and more economical and environmentally sustainable service to our clients which no other supplier has been able to do for us in this challenging industry.

They have raised the bar on cleaning standards in Australia and are an asset to our company.

Compliant really does go the extra mile. They’ve assisted us to train our staff on safe and correct chemical procedures, the online ordering system incorporates our budgets and they help us find ways to reduce wastage and save moneyMost importantly they are always available to assist with any problem big or small. They have such a high level of expertise, passion and work ethic, they are without doubt one of our most valued business partners.